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Jiangdu Daily reports the schedule of our chairman

Today, Jiangdu Daily reported the schedule of our chairman, the specific content is as follows:

Recently, He Yongjun, chairman of the company, met two "big men" in Thailand: First, during Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Thailand, Chairman He Yongjun, as a representative of enterprises investing in Thailand, attended Premier Li Keqiang's meeting; 2. Accompanied Deputy Prime Minister Zhu Lin of Thailand to Turkey and Germany, signed MOU agreements (memorandums of cooperation) with a number of local enterprises and signed preliminary latex products sales contracts worth 12 billion baht (equivalent to nearly 2.8 billion yuan). This marks our company stride on the "Belt and Road".

Jinshiyuan Latex was registered and established in 2009. In 2016, it invested overseas and set up a holding subsidiary Jinshiyuan Thailand Company. The raw materials of Jinshiyuan Thailand Company are all made of high-quality natural latex from Thailand. In the process of product production, no synthetic latex is used every bit, which breaks through the technical barrier of pure natural latex production in sheet metal production line and changes the history that high purity natural latex products can only be produced through mold injection.

In just three years, Jinshiyuan Thailand has grown from small to strong, with sales expected to exceed 1.2 billion baht in 2019. On November 29, last year, the Thai Rubber Expo was held, and the company attracted the attention of Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha. He visited the exhibition hall and encouraged the company to promote the high-quality latex bedding products of Thailand to every household.

Not long ago, Premier Li Keqiang of The State Council led a delegation to Thailand. As a representative of Chinese enterprises invested in Thailand, He Yongjun, chairman of the company, attended the meeting. He Yongjun, chairman of the board, said that listening to the Prime minister's speech, was greatly encouraged, in Thailand to increase the scale of investment and operation more confidence, more confidence!

Recently, Chairman He Yongjun traveled to Turkey and Germany with Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Zhu Lin for business talks. He Yongjun, chairman of the board, revealed that in 2020, the Thai government will plan to order 20 million pillows to Jinshiyuan Thailand Company, which will be presented to all tourists in Thailand by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. In 2020, Vice Premier Zhu will visit China and sign MOU with Chairman He Yongjun in China.