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A professional company specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of latex products

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Two new automated pillow and mattress production lines have been put into operation in the Thai factory, with a total of eight production lines

November 2020

Xiaoji finished product processing base put into operation

October 2019

The Sino Thai Latex Museum was established to popularize knowledge of Thai latex, promote Thai latex products,

April 2019

Established Jinshiyuan Latex Products (Suqian) Co., Ltd., mainly producing Latex Pillows and Latex Mattresses with Tralay technology.

November 11, 2018

The daily sales of the "Golden Oak" brand Tmall store are 46 million yuan

March 2018

The company has completed its second fixed increase and will be invested by institutions such as Gu Jia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. The construction of the second phase factory building of the Thai subsidiary has been capped

October 2016

Trial production of Thailand subsidiary's first production line

August 2016

The company has successfully landed on the "New Third Board" market with securities code 838601

April 2016

Established a holding subsidiary in Thailand: Jin Shiyuan Latex Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd

At the end of 2015

The company's sales exceeded 100 million yuan

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